4. Life Skills Training

Life skills training camps were organized since the beginning of the project. The participants were drawn from among school-going children and adolescents who had dropped out. The duration of these trainings was 4-5 days. The first day usually focussed on familiarizing the participants with each other and making them comfortable in the training venue. The learning needs were outlined by the trainers and an attempt was made to help them go beyond their individual experiences and to appreciate what has been inaccessible to them so far.

In the training for girls, the atmosphere was as important as the skills they learnt. The project team attempted to create a free and light-hearted atmosphere in which the girls were enabled to forge an identity for themselves and learn to live life with confidence.

Similarly during the Life Skill training for boys, they were encouraged to be zealous, to create a positive image of themselves in society and to work towards achieving their goals. Discussions and activities were organized to facilitate the same. By the end of the training, these boys become articulate about their problems and ideas. A great improvement was noticed in their confidence levels.

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