7. Micro-Planning Process

The micro planning process adopted from Doosra Dashak combined the monitoring of participants, reviewing the project outcomes and planning for the future. Project implementation was seen to be facilitated through sustained contact with participants, assessment of the quality of residential training, followed by monitoring at six monthly intervals. A bench mark was established Micro Planning Process 46 at the outset through an understanding of the level of skills of the participant. An assessment of progress was further made at the end of a residential training and later monitored at six monthly intervals. The assessments were based on the basis of the 13-15 parameters. As formulated by DD the major thrust areas were: literacy, language, arithmetic, leadership qualities, articulation skills, equality of caste and religion, democracy and democratic values, rural development, personal cleanliness, cleanliness of surroundings, health and nutrition, reproductive health, maternal health, information about health facilities, drinking water and substance abuse.

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