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About Us

Ajmer Adult Education Association (AAEA), a registered voluntary organization, has been working in Ajmer district since 1971. Our goal all along has been to bring positive change in the lives of the poor, excluded, marginalized, and minority sections and enthusing them to educate themselves.

    2006-2015 (Education and Development of Adolescents in Arain Block)

    1. Residential Camps for Out of School Adolescents

    One of the main activities of the Adolescent Project in Arain-Sarwar was the long and short duration residential training camps for adolescent boys and girls.

    2. Prerna Kendras or Continuing Education Centres

    Prerna Kendras (PK) were started to provide continuing education to adolescents, especially in villages, where adolescents had participated in large numbers in the camps organized by the project.

    3. Women and Youth Groups

    Women’s Groups
    Formation of women's groups was viewed as an entry strategy into new villages and also as a mechanism for encouraging families to send their non-school going children to the residential camps.

    4. Life Skills Training

    Life skills training camps were organized since the beginning of the project. The participants were drawn from among school-going children and adolescents who had dropped out.

    5. Training in Theatre

    Pandies' Theatre, a Delhi-based activist theatre group, has been training marginalized children to create theatre that articulates their perspective on their problems.

    6. Work with School Systems

    The work with school systems has been an intrinsic part of the adolescent project in Sarwar. Focussed work on with schools began in September 2009 in 7 schools of the project area.

    7. Micro-Planning Process

    The micro planning process adopted from Doosra Dashak combined the monitoring of participants, reviewing the project outcomes and planning for the future.

    8. Capacity Building

    Since the project was challenging and required developing an understanding on a range of issues impacting adolescent lives.

    9. Future Plans

    Development initiatives even though small in scale can serve as a valuable reference points.

    Projects have been supported by
  • 1. Government of India
  • 2. Government of Rajasthan
  • 3. UNICEF
  • 4. British Council
  • 5. NABARD
  • 6. ACCORD
  • 7. Sir Dorbaji Tata Trust (SDTT), Mumbai

About AAEA

  • Ajmer Adult Education Association (AAEA), a registered voluntary organization, has been working in Ajmer district since 1971.

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